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Trusted Entity Operating System – Beta release

HENSOLDT Cyber is revolutionizing cyber security from the ground up, at the core. Based on the resilient seL4 microkernel, HENSOLDT Cyber is leveraging its extraordinary security features to develop a new operating system for embedded IT

HENSOLDT Cyber is changing 

the rules of the cyber security game

Proven Security

TRENTOS-M is based on the seL4 Microkernel, the only operating system kernel which is formally verified via mathematical proof. This formal verification method is leveraged to other system components to ensure integrity across the entire operating system.

Open APIs

HENSOLDT Cyber is kicking off a cyber security revolution and you can be a part of it. With our open API policy we want to enable you and others to develop your own embedded security applications on the basis of TRENTOS-M. This allows you to customize your security suite and to access an ever-growing selection of third party applications running securely on TRENTOS-M.

TEE Functionality

Due to its architecture characterized by isolated and modular components, TRENTOS-M provides a trusted execution environment (TEE) guaranteeing the highest level of data and code integrity and confidentiality. With TRENTOS-M, HENSOLDT Cyber leveraged these security features to create a software-based Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Be among the first to get your hands on the TRENTOS-M Beta version. The extensive suite of services and open APIs makes TRENTOS-M the security tool for users and developers alike.

You are an IoT or industrial automation expert looking for new technologies to secure your network? Or you are a cyber security specialist searching for a robust foundation for your applications and solutions. 

See what our experts say

"Taking the first step in seL4 development can be quite challenging. TRENTOS-M provides you with the basic features necessary for security critical applications in embedded environments, so you don’t need to dive deep into microkernel architectures.

Hence you can focus on creating your applications and systems with security by design. It leverages the statements of the seL4s formal proof to a systems level"

Sascha Kegreiß, CTO at HENSOLDT Cyber

"TRENTOS-M leverages seL4’s mathematically proved security enforcement while presenting a higher-level interface that is easier to understand and use than seL4’s low-level mechanisms.

TRENTOS-M provides the basic functionality required by security-critical systems with a minimal trusted computing base, protected by seL4"

Gernot Heiser, Chief Scientist Software at HENSOLDT Cyber


"By building upon the proven seL4 ecosystem, TRENTOS-M consequently relies on trusted open source software components, which allow the creation of an operating system that perceives security as an integral part right from the start.

TRENTOS-M alleviates the entry to the quite complex area of developing secure embedded systems by abstraction, letting developers fully focus on creating secure applications without having to worry about lower level details of the underlying architecture."

Sebastian Eckl, Software Engineer at 



Are you interested in developing your custom security applications and harnessing the power of TRENTOS-M?

In the TRENTOS-M SDK you will find all the necessary components and tools to develop a new solution from scratch or to port an existing program into the TRENTOS-M environment. Be among the first to join HENSOLDT Cyber in its efforts and sign up for the Beta.

Just let us know, and we will explore joint opportunities together. 

You can find more information on our partner program here.

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Are you looking for a secure system base to meet the highest security requirements?

Fast, robust embedded IT applications, this is what TRENTOS-M stands for. We'll help you to develop a robust (new) foundation for your IT or provide you with the tools and expertise to harden your existing systems.


Contact us and together we will develop a concept tailored to your needs

and create a decisive advantage for future secure IT.

You can find more information on our commercial use of TRENTOS-M here.

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HENSOLDT Cyber stands for Secure IT instead of IT security. If you would like to receive more information about our technology and products, please visit our company site.


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